Floor Colouring

Floor Remodel

Refurbish for less budget

This service will have you thinking differently about hard floor replacement. Have you needed to replace a hard floor because of excess wear and the appearance has deteriorated to the stage where you think it is scrap? Think again and save up to 60% over a new floor installation which carries a 10-year warranty!

Create & design a sustainable, unique, new look floor for less than you think, using a revolutionary PU floor re-colouring product, the recolouring process offers a choice of over 200 RAL Colours in a design of your choice, to provide a unique floor, which matches individual requirements.

You can apply this specialist product over most hard flooring and it will provide a tough, resilient, uniform appearance. Holes and scratches can be filled before the application of PU colour, followed by decorative flecks which can be applied to add depth to the appearance rather than a flat colour. For those that would like a personal touch, you can have your company logo sealed into the floor.

Suitable for the following floor types – sheet vinyl, concrete, slab, linoleum, luxury vinyl tiles and safety flooring. We have installed the Renovate-A-Floor service into schools, universities, hospitals, retail, laboratories, office breakout areas, industrial areas and leisure centres.

These additional features are available in conjunction with the recolouring process;
• An anti-slip finish, HSE safe floor surface (36+ PTV)
• Anti stain treatment which resists staining from dyes etc.
• For conductive and non-conductive floors, we can apply ESD coatings to comply with European DIN Standards and ease cleaning and maintenance.


Beaver Floorcare can provide you with the complete refurbishment of existing hard floors, including re-colouring, without the need for an expensive replacement, making it both sustainable and environmentally preferable. Our aim is to provide a floor, which is attractive, safe and easily maintainable at a fraction of the cost of a replacement floor.

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