Paving Cleaning

Deep Clean & Protect Paving Slabs

Clean & protect your paving

When assessing types of paving before they are cleaned and protected it is important to determine whether it is a natural stone such as sandstone, limestone, slate, granite, a reconstituted material, synthetic stone or printed concrete. Beaver Floorcare will assess the material before carrying out any test area clean, this is time well spent and will dictate the results achieved.

We use a variety of systems for cleaning interior and exterior paving, these will comprise of heated systems, high pressure, chemical and mildly abrasive when required. This means we have a very high success rate when cleaning and restoring paved surfaces, if there are issues with efflorescence we carry safe chemicals that we eradicate the salts that appear and will prevent them from reoccurring. Gum removal is a regular service that we offer and makes up a substantial part of our ongoing maintenance service along with re-sanding joints and replacing damaged slabs.

Once the pavers are cleaned and dry we offer a sealing process that will reduce chewing gum adhering to the surface of the paving by unto 80%, this sealing procedure will permanently protect the paving against dirt ingress and will make it easier to maintain in the future. It will not alter the natural appearance nor will it make the surface slippery, you will have paving that looks naturally clean and beautiful.

We clean and protect large areas of paving in commercial and industrial environments, we also offer a local midlands service for residential patios that are laid with natural stone.

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