School Floor Sanding

School Hall Restoration

Over the last few months, we have been busy servicing public buildings in preparation for them to re-open. One of our most recent works has been the restoration of local school hall.

School hall restoration - beaver floorcare
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The hall had been well used for many years and was in need of a freshen up before pupils returned. The lacquer had discoloured and there were a large number of visible scratches. Our technicians started by sanding back the floor using a large belt sander and an edging sander. The grit levels used were 60, 80 then 100.

School hall restoration - beaver floorcare

Once the floor was sanded back and the edge work was complete, they then taped out the floor ready for the line marking as per the client’s instruction.

School hall restoration - beaver floorcare

The line markings were left to dry before 2 coats of two component lacquer were applied. We recommended this type of lacquer because it is hard wearing, so it is well suited for the foot traffic this area will be exposed to.

School hall restoration - beaver floorcare

The appearance of the hall has been lifted substantially by this restoration, and is ready to be opened again when all classes return to schools.

If you have a floor in a similar condition, please get in touch with us for some advice or a quotation.