Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain the floor after restoration?

Beaver Floorcare will advise you of the correct methods and products to use after your floors have been restored. The products can be purchased through a trade account or direct from our sister site www.floorcare-supplies.co.uk

Does floor restoration create a lot of mess?

The amount of mess created depends on the type of floor being restored, Beaver Floorcare are very conscientious about working in a safe, clean manor within all buildings and homes. We operate full dust extraction vacuums when wood floor sanding and when dry stone grinding to minimise the dust to an absolute minimum, we fully protect adjacent surfaces with the correct protection products – correx, bubble wrap, carpet protector & window film. We take care to minimise the disruption so it doesn’t impact on your building, operations or home.

Do you offer short term floor maintenance contracts?

We do offer short term floor maintenance contracts, the shortest contract we offer is 6 months. This is all dependent on the type of installation, location of the sites, floor surfaces, access times and the contract value. Contact us to find out more.

Are you qualified to work on my floor?

Beaver Floorcare have been restoring and maintaining floors for over 30 years, we hold all the necessary accreditation’s to safely work within any building and are service partners for several independent flooring manufacturers. We are fully insured up to £10 million so if an unforeseen incident were to happen you can rest assured that you will be covered.

Where do Beaver Floorcare operate?

Beaver Floorcare operate through the UK and Europe on commercial flooring. Providing extensive floor restoration and floor maintenance services. We operate a 50 mile radius from our units for residential customers, however we will travel further should the project be substantial enough or it requires a bespoke high quality finish.

Do you sub contract?

No, is the straight forward answer. We care about the standards too much.

Do Beaver Floorcare act as a Sub-Contractor?

Absolutely. We work with numerous clients as sub contractors and continue to have great working relationships with them. They benefit from having piece of mind that the works are being carried out correctly.

Can I get a warranty for the floor restoration works?

We do not offer warranties on the work that we carry out, however we do guarantee that you will be very pleased with the results. Some of the coatings, sealants and treatments that we apply do carry warranties, these can be 12 months up to 15 years.

After you have treated the floor with an anti-slip treatment will it be easy to clean?

Yes it will, Beaver Floorcare work closely with the treatment manufacturers and devise the best results and equipment for daily maintenance after treatment. This can sometimes be a very small tweak to what was happening on a daily basis and not a costly exercise of new equipment.

Should I use a steam mop on my floors?

Steam mops are a new addition to the domestic cleaning cupboard and are sold as a hygienic method of cleaning all floors. They are perfectly fine for ceramic, porcelain, granite and some vinyl floors, however the introduction of heat and moisture can be detrimental to other floor surfaces. Wooden floors if not sealed correctly will warp, swell and dry out with the use of a steam mop on a regular basis, natural stone floors such as travertine, limestone and marble will lose their appearance and degrade over a period of time. The backing adhesive on vinyl or resilient floors can also be effected when using a steam mop, this can result in entire floors being taken up and replaced. Make sure you know your floor type and make sure it is suitable before purchasing a steam mop.

Do Beaver Floorcare work in domestic houses?

Yes, we work in a 50 mile radius of our units. If you have a particular project that you would like us to quote on please get in touch, you can send us pictures or complete the call back form on the bottom of the page.

Can I pay you by credit card?

Yes you can, there is a 3.5% commission fee on top of the total amount taken to cover this facility.

Will you maintain my floor and offer advice after you have restored it?

Beaver Floorcare offer varying levels of floor maintenance programmes, for commercial and industrial clients that want us to maintain their flooring efficiently we offer weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, yearly visits and advice. For our select residential sector customers we can offer the same service dependant on requirements, generally it normally consists of purchasing the correct cleaning liquids and a yearly maintenance visit to condition the floor.