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Anti Slip Washroom Floors

Keeping Washrooms Slip Free

Washrooms are now a fundamental part of most commercial buildings and will carry a substantial amount of foot traffic on a daily basis. All washrooms will have water dripped and splashed on the floors, this is unavoidable so it is imperative that the floor surface is suitably non-slip when wet. If the floor surface is a R9 or R10 when sold by the manufacturer it will not meet the required UK guidelines produced by the HSE, the British method of testing the slip resistance of a floor surface is the the pendulum test. The test readings must be over 36 PTV to pass the low risk of slip and be deemed safe by a court of law.

If you are unsure of the slip readings you should have an independent pendulum test carried out to determine the slip resistance of your floor, if it is below 36PTV you will need to engage a professional installer of anti-slip treatments like Beaver Floorcare to remedy the floor.

The floor surfaces differ in washrooms, we have treated the following floor surfaces with varying types of anti-slip treatments over the last 10 years;

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