Natural Stone Anti Slip

Stone & Marble Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

Protecting the appearance

Natural stone such as marble, granite, slate, travertine all has the ability to create a slippery surface if not treated correctly for slip resistance.
The treatments for natural stone should be much less aggressive than anti-slip treatments for man-made materials, the introduction of any acidic treatments will result in appearance problems and also might not deliver the desired anti-slip result.
There are numerous anti-slip treatments that do not contain harmful acids and will not dramatically alter the appearance of the stone, these will deliver the PTV (pendulum test values) results that you require whilst not degrading the stone and maintaining optimum appearance levels.
Dependent on whether the stone is interior or exterior can determine which treatment is most suitable for the installation, the stone type also has a factor to play as different stone types have varying chemical structures which react differently to chemical anti-slip treatments.
Commercial buildings with large entrances can typically contain large volumes of natural stone, it is wise to have these areas pendulum tested periodically to ascertain whether there is potential for a slip. If there has already been a slip incident the problem requires addressing swiftly to prevent any further accidents happening. When conducting a slip treatment it is vitally important that the correct level of slip resistance is met, this needs to be over 36+ on the PTV scale. It is often required to conduct a trial area or test to ensure that these levels of slip resistance are delivered, this protects both the applicator and the client that the floor is deemed safe after treatment.
The types of environments that we have regularly treated natural stone for slippery floors are – hotel entrances, spa resorts, changing rooms, leisure facilities, office receptions, exterior common areas, private residences, airports, shopping centres and many other sectors.

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