Limestone Anti Slip

Anti Slip Limestone Floors

Solving the problem

Limestone is a beautiful floor surface wether it is honed or polished with veins and fossils, however it has the ability to not meet the required slip resistance in commercial situations. It is commonly used in shopping centres, office buildings, exterior entranceways and retail sites on a regular basis.

Beaver Floorcare can assist your requirements, we have extensive experience in providing anti-slip solutions on limestone floors. As an independent contractor we have access to a variety of treatments that will enhance the slip resistance properties of your flooring, it is not an exact science though, as certain limestones can contain higher levels of calcium which can affect the results. We are fully trained in pendulum testing so we can identify which treatment has the most effective results, when we have completed our trials we will provide a quotation based on the final results achieved on the treated floor.


Dependent on the treatment provided we will sometimes specify impregnating the limestone with a compatible sealant, this will not only prevent degrading of the surface it will assist in the daily maintenance and on-going appearance.

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