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Floor Replacement Project for University of Birmingham

Before and After_Chamberlain Tower University of Birmingham



At Beaver Floorcare, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional flooring solutions to our clients. Recently, we had the privilege of working with Chamberlain Tower at the University of Birmingham, where we undertook the challenging task of floor replacement project for their worn-out wooden floor. The high traffic footfall in the entrance area had caused significant damage to the flooring planks, posing safety hazards for students and staff. In this case study, we outline the steps taken by our expert team to assess the situation, recommend appropriate flooring materials, and execute the replacement project with precision and efficiency.

The Challenge

Damaged Floor Panels

Chamberlain Tower faced a pressing need for floor replacement due to the deteriorated condition of the wooden flooring. The warped and uneven surface presented a potential hazard to the safety of students and staff, requiring immediate attention. Our team recognised the urgency of the situation and embarked on a thorough assessment to develop a comprehensive plan for the floor replacement project.

The Solution

Step 1: Removal of Damaged Flooring

Removing damaged floor panels

To begin the process, we meticulously removed floor skirtings and transition strips, ensuring a clean workspace. We then carefully pulled up the old, damaged boards, discarding them appropriately. The removal process set the stage for the installation of new flooring materials.


Step 2: Precise Installation

Using professional levelling and installation equipment, we installed the new flooring panels with utmost precision. Ensuring proper alignment, a level surface, and no gaps or cracks, we aimed to deliver a flawless finish that would meet the highest standards of safety and aesthetics.

Installing Wood Floor PanelsInstalling Floor Panel


To achieve a flat and even surface, we engaged the use of the BONA Belt HD and BONA Edge UX sanders.The thorough sanding process laid the groundwork for the subsequent steps, promoting optimal adhesion and a professional outcome.

Sanding Work Sanding


Step 4: Dust-Free Environment

Our team made concerted efforts to maintain a clean working environment. During the abrasive sanding process, we utilised sanding machines equipped with high-performance filter bags along with high filtration vacuums. These effective dust collection systems ensured that the generated dust was filtered out and trapped, leaving behind a clean and safe workspace.

Sander with Filter  Small area sanding machine with vacuum filter


Step 5: Efficient Lacquer Topcoat Application

For the lacquer topcoat, we opted for the renowned BONA Traffic HD. This high-quality product not only offers long-lasting protection but also boasts a beautiful finish. Additionally, its quick drying time allowed full traffic after just 12 hours. Moreover, the BONA Traffic HD lacquer is exceptionally durable and does not develop a yellowing tint after application.

Applying topcoatBona Traffic HD Topcoat  


Step 6: Timely Completion

Recognising the importance of minimising disruption to the facility, our skilled team worked diligently to complete the entire project in just 3.5 working days. This short turnaround time was ideal for a busy location like Chamberlain Tower, ensuring a swift and efficient replacement process.

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Beaver Floorcare’s commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail guaranteed Chamberlain Tower at the University of Birmingham a rejuvenated, hard-wearing surface built to last. Our dedication to providing top-tier flooring solutions has solidified our reputation as a trusted partner for facility managers and property owners.

If your facilities are facing any flooring problems, do not hesitate to reach out to Beaver Floorcare for a no-obligation quote. Our experienced team is here to help you achieve a safer, aesthetically pleasing, and durable flooring solution tailored to your specific needs. Beaver Floorcare is here to transform your space with professional flooring expertise.