Strip & Seal

Strip & Seal

Strip it back and protect the surface

Vinyl flooring requires periodic maintenance just like a carpet needs cleaning a vinyl floor will need a deep clean or a strip and seal. It is good practice that hard floor maintenance is carried out on a planned basis, this will protect the top surface from becoming scratched and worn.

A strip & seal involves using a safe stripping agent to remove all of the ingrained dirt from within the tile surface including any bevel edges and textured or embossed surface. Once the vinyl has been thoroughly deep cleaned and stripped back removing all contaminants and residues, it is important to neutralise and rinse the floor allowing it to dry fully before applying any protective coating.

When applying protective dressings and sealants they should be applied in thin coats rather than thick coats, this will enable quicker drying times and a more natural appearance once 3-4 coats have been applied.

If a more permanent sealant is applied such as a PU sealer typically 2-3 coats are applied, this will protect your vinyl floor for a much longer period of time against scratches and loss of appearance. The cost is generally higher for these types of permanent sealing products, they will prevent frequent strip & seal procedures and will only require deep cleaning on a periodic basis which results in lower maintenance costs.

As a professional hard floor maintenance company, we are familiar with carrying out strip & seals, deep cleans and maintenance clean in a variety of installations from multi-site retail, stadiums, industrial, offices, breakout areas, shopping centres, car showrooms, healthcare centres, hospitals, residential property and more.

If you require hard floor cleaning, strip & sealing, deep cleaning or floor maintenance services, contact us for our professional advice and a no obligation quotation.