Industrial Floor Restoration

On the Road

On the road

Beaver Floorcare and it’s Adventures 

What an eventful week this has been!? The guys have been everywhere on the road for countless hours striving to give the results we pride ourselves on,  Just a few locations we have visited London, Leeds, Leicester, Southampton & Scotland.  But let me tell you this only one of these proved to be a monster we underestimated Shoddy workmanship that had been previously supplied by another company and this is the bane of our existence when other companies fail to do a job correctly we are called in.  


EY London: 

6:00 Am  The teams are turning up at the unit getting ready for a weekend at one of the biggest firms this side of the hemisphere with Headquarters all across the UK And Europe. With a drive down to London to warm their appetites and a long day hitting the deadlines required to complete the day’s tasks. 


So we’ve arrived and started unpacking the vans and yes you heard right vans that is plural a job like this requires everything.  The task to strip the floor of the old coating and apply a new black PU seal topped with a clear coat for added protection and longevity of the floor. But what we found out was disturbing and was destined to cause a massive set back! the flooring company who previously done it just rolled over the black floor every time they came causing a very thick build up of the old coating.

On the road

The process

Stripping the Floor 

Applying a Super Bond To stop future failing

Two coats of Dr Schutz PU black coating

And two Coats of a Clear PU for longevity

Finish up with a final clean

Each process needed multiple applications as the build up was horrendous! resulting in all our equipment being covered in a black tar-like substance once the previous coatings had been stripped! A nightmare to clean. 

The Results

On the road

The Difference

As you can see the clear difference between our coat of black and the old coat it is a massive difference the client wanted a deep black coat for their granite floor and they couldn’t have been happier with the results. Not only is this cheaper than laying a completely new floor but it will last so much longer than what they were being previously given as a finished product! They have been a long-term client and we hope for many years more service with them! 

Ending the Week 

So after a long week, we’ve finally completed the work orders for this week. The jobs not easy,  The clients satisfied! Unpacking the vans to start a new week with plenty more journeys Nationally across the UK. From granite coating to wood sanding and domestic jobs, Our aim is to achieve and we feel like we can do that with the services and products we use and supply to you. 

The next few weeks at Beaver Floorcare are busy ones with trips to Ireland for one of our commercial clients wood jobs for high street shops and much more including carpet cleaning all over the country, Heres a few pictures to wet your appetites.