Floor Maintenance Benefits

Floor Maintenance Benefits

When appearances matter…

As a specialist floorcare company we come across the issue of poor floor cleaning frequently when talking to bid managers, facility management agents and end users. The floor maintenance is generally tied up in the cleaning contract with the main cleaning company, this can be beneficial to the main service provider for purchase orders and billing purposes but it will not provide specialist knowledge and acceptable results in floor cleaning & maintenance.

Within many commercial buildings there are multiple floor coverings that all require cleaning and maintaining, this can be challenging for a number of reasons. There is such a wide range of machinery available for cleaning floors from numerous manufacturers it is imperative that the right equipment is chosen. Other factors could be; is the machinery site specific or will it be moved from site to site and will it perform on other sites different coverings? or has sufficient training been supplied to the operative chosen to carry out the task assigned? and what happens if the desired results aren’t achieved?

Looking at processes and attachment variations for machine types is absolutely critical as damage can be created when selecting the wrong brushes, pads or abrasives for a machine – an example of this would be, using a scouring pad instead of a soft sponge to wash your car with! It is also just as important to ensure that the attachment or process achieves a good result and doesn’t leave dirt or un-removed marking on the flooring.

Chemicals are just as important, using incorrect ph levels on any floor covering can create irreversible damage and care should be taken when choosing the right products.

The above is a fraction of knowledge we carry as floor maintenance specialists, the benefits of separating floor/carpet maintenance to a specialist contractor are;

  • Ensuring best results through techniques and methodology
  • Consistent quality of service to the client
  • Encompassing floor restoration techniques in the contract when required
  • Knowledge of correct maintenance on all floor coverings
  • Correct use of machinery and chemicals

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