Maintenance Programmes

Floor Maintenance Programmes

Maintain your floors and they will perform

A maintenance programme is a correct method to keeping a floor covering at its best for longest, the frequency can vary on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or yearly visit to remove dry soil, carry out spot removal and deep cleaning procedures. The consequences of not removing the dry soil from a carpet on a daily basis will be dramatic to the appearance as the grit and dust particles act as an abrasive to the carpet fibres. The same issues apply to hard surfaces like vinyl, linoleum, rubber, marble, granite and wood, all of these surfaces need periodic maintenance to ensure they do not scratch, become dull or degrade and then require floor restoration works to restore the appearance.

Different types of flooring will determine frequencies also; for instance a delicate marble will need much more attention than a tough pvc industrial tile. It is a common misconception that you should only clean a floor when it is really dirty, this leads to false economy as restoration costs will be required to bring the flooring back to an acceptable level of appearance whereas a maintenance programme will maintain a good, consistent level of appearance and performance.

A maintenance programme is devised depending on the layout of the building, the amount of foot traffic that carries across the flooring and the types of flooring which are present. Typically the front reception entrance will receive more foot traffic and will therefore require more periodic maintenance than other areas, it is quite common to have walkway or traffic lane cleans as part of a maintenance programme followed by an annual full clean. The permutations of full cleans, walkway cleans and other maintenance procedures such as re-application of sealants will vary between site specific requirements, we always work with the building management to find the most productive, cost effective solution.

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