Slippery Floor Solutions

Solving Slippery Floors

Anti-slip solutions for all floor surfaces

How safe a floor surface is within the UK is measured using the HSE preferred method of the pendulum tester, this is also referred to as a skid tester. The requirement for a floor to be deemed as a safe walkable surface is 36+ on the pendulum scale or PTV (pendulum test value), this is the responsibility of the building owner or landlord.

Beaver Floorcare has been involved in slip testing and resolving slip issues for high profile clients over the last 10 years, we are used as independent assessors to ascertain the reasons for the slip potential alongside being skilled contractors to remedy the failing floors. As contractors we will test our work to ensure we meet the correct levels of slip resistance, however, we will not pass our own work using our own pendulum. We will always engage an independent company to provide the readings and report to the client showing the level of slip resistance achieved.

Where necessary we will write cleaning instructions for the on-site cleaning company to adhere to along with the supply of correct cleaning chemicals to maintain the treated floor surface, this is vitally important in ensuring the treatment does not deteriorate.

Beaver Floorcare offers a wide range of anti-slip treatment solutions for stone flooring, ceramic, wooden floors, vinyl flooring, decking, exterior paving, stairs and stairwells. If you have a building that requires a remedial anti-slip treatment on any type of flooring, we are the solution provider. Treatment area costs will depend on the scale of the works required, we treat anything from 10 square metres upwards.

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