Parquet Floor Sanding

Parquet Floor Restoration and Sanding in the West Midlands and the UK

Restore the natural beauty of parquet

Parquet Flooring is a beautiful style of wooden flooring that comes in many different shapes and forms, most will associate parquet with the herringbone style that typically is found in schools, universities, churches, museums, etc, however they are also found in prestigious stately homes and listed buildings. Parquet floors are also found in finger block, panels, inlays which can be laid in other types of patterning, these include double herringbone, Chantilly, Versailles, Aremberg, Chartreuse, Chalosse, basket weave, brick patterns and more.

If you have uncovered a parquet floor underneath a carpet in your home or at your school, university, church hall or similar we can provide you with a parquet floor restoration service to transform your parquet to its former glory using our specialist floor sanding equipment that will enable a very even and scratch free finish.

When Beaver Floorcare restore and sand a parquet floor it is first important for us to assess and check the blockwork before any sanding takes place, we can then identify any areas that require repair or replacement. Typically parquet will have been stuck down with a bitumen, this was common practice before flexible adhesives were available on the market, the bitumen failing is normally the issue when the blocks are loose or coming away from the subfloor. Even when the blocks are tongue and groove it is important to address the problem and stick these areas back down using compatible adhesives that will bond to bitumen.

Once the necessary repairs have been done, we will sand the parquet blocks using a mixture of belt sanders, klindex timba machines and lager trios finishing on a fine 100 grit, this will follow with pre-watering of the floor to open the wood fibres, produce a more homogenous finish before allowing to dry and coating with oil, hardwax oil, lacquer or an oil plus lacquer combination. We also offer colouring and staining of the blocks prior to finishing.

After the parquet floor restoration has been completed, we will advise on the best maintenance products to use and supply these at a reduced rate. Beaver Floorcare also offer ongoing wood floor maintenance so that the need for future restoration is greatly reduced.

We have carried out parquet floor sanding in many residential properties, museums, universities, schools, church halls, village halls, commercial offices, restaurants, coffee shops and retail units across the UK and Europe.

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