Wood Floor Maintenance

Wood Floor Maintenance in the UK

Regular maintenance keeps it fresh & clean

Wood floors in commercial buildings are subjected to a great deal of wear and footfall, this can be detrimental to the sealed surface if the correct wood floor maintenance is not carried out on a periodic basis. When floor sanding and restoration works have taken place the surface is sealed using a lacquer, oil or hardwax oil the floor looks like new, it will look this way for a reasonable amount of time with the correct cleaning.

When the appearance starts to dip slightly it is at this time that a very light scrub and seal should take place, this means you are replenishing the top surface of lacquer, oil or hardwax oil that has worn. When you install this type of maintenance regime you are not paying for a full sand and finish you are just paying for a deep clean scrub/light abrasion and another coat of finish on the top. We have been offering this type of maintenance regime to many clients that have either used our wood floor restoration service or have found that their wood floors need an uplift in appearance. This not only saves budgets over a period of time but it ensures that the appearance levels and functionality of the floor is kept to a high level.

We offer this service to schools, universities, leisure centres, retail and many more where there are areas of wood floor that are heavily used. If you would like more details on how we can improve the appearance of your wood flooring contact us for more details.

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