Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning

At Beaver Floorcare, we have extensive experience in cleaning, restoring and maintaining carpet in the commercial sector. We operate on a national level as well as locally throughout Birmingham, the West Midlands and London. Our current client base involves working in commercial buildings such as; banks, offices, retail shops, schools, leisure centres, showrooms, clubs, museums and many more. We promise to deliver the highest standard of carpet cleaning whether it is for deep cleaning, restoration or maintenance. In particular our carpet maintenance services for national clients have an impeccably high reputation.

We understand that commercial areas are exposed to more wear and tear than privately owned offices or homes. This is because many are open to the public and people who take less responsibility for the cleanliness of the environment. They often also have larger numbers of people walking on the floors especially in shops and leisure centres and clubs, also in different types of footwear. The appearance and the consequential atmosphere of some buildings is often a big selling point for commercial businesses. A stained, sticky or dirty carpet does not reflect well upon you as a business. Cleaning your carpets is of optimum importance as it ensures performance, appearance and removes dirt that could potentially be harmful. The increased usage could mean these floors require cleaning on a daily basis and we are enthusiastic about arranging more regular contracts.

There are many ways to potentially clean a carpet, depending on the equipment and the material of the carpet. Your carpet could be nylon, polypropylene, wool, cotton, polyester or acrylic or a blend of two materials and they all require different care so you must be careful to use the correct system.

The most popular and well known system for carpet cleaning is steam cleaning (hot water extraction). This involves spraying water, specific chemicals and detergent through the fibres, then removing the dirty water by vacuuming the carpet with a wet extraction machine. It requires a thorough rinse to remove all detergent residues. We then use air movers to speed up the drying process to reduce disruption to your daily routine.

You can also use commercial dry cleaning machines to further reduce the disruption so your carpets are instantly ready for use. Dry extraction cleaning absorbs soil from carpet fibres using rotation brushes and cleaner. This process leaves the carpet immediately dry.

Using a rotary buffer machine or cimex machine, which consists of a soft bristle brushes and solution tank with diluted detergent, is another method of carpet cleaning. The solution is brushed through the fibres, and then it may require extraction vacuuming depending on the type of detergent used. This is appropriate for most types of carpet with the exception of wool.

Bonnet mopping uses a rotary buffing machine with soft pads. The carpet must be covered in bonnet mopping or an encapsulated chemical, the dirt then transfers onto the pads, which can be washed after cleaning the carpets.

If you have noticeable stains on your carpet such as drinks, food, dirt etc. we recommend blotting the area with a white terry towel and water to remove the majority of the stain. On the remaining residue we would then use a professional spot remover to bring out the rest of the stain and this always delivers surprisingly good results.

If you are interested in a commercial carpet clean or any of our other services, please get in touch today by emailing us or calling us on 01564 742095. We will then arrange an assessment of your site to decide which method best suits your floor and then discuss a great value price with your budget in mind.

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