ESD Clear Floor Sealers

Clear Sealer For ESD Floors

Protect your conductive floor from failing

The importance of maintaining and protecting ESD floors from failing is key for many industry management personnel. It can be extremely costly should the electrostatic discharge properties of the floor fail and can result in material loss, remanufacture costs, poor customer feedback along with serious health implications.

The problem
Due to heavy traffic, dust micro particles can enter and attach themselves to the floor surface pores forming a non-conductive barrier. With daily cleaning the dust film cannot be removed from the floor surface and deep cleaning with aggressive stripping agents / high pH cleaners will destroy the floor over time. Due to the dust accumulation, the surface also looses its shine and original appearance. Scratch marks become visible, marking tape residuals cannot be removed and the floor’s conductive properties start to fail.

The solution? ESD Long Life PU Sealer!
Beaver Floorcare (Dr. Schutz trained appliactors) will clean the floor, remove all dirt, marks and other build up and install ESD Long Life PU Sealer on the clean floor. The floor will regain its original look and will now be easy to maintain. It will be capable of handling all kinds of traffic and it will fulfil the requirements of the ESD norms DIN EN 61340-5-1 as well as the requirements for explosion prevention areas according to TRBS 2153.

Without ESD Long Life PU Sealer wear layer: Heavy use and wear, together with dirt particles can cause permanent damage to the conductive or ESD flooring

ESD Long life PU Sealer protects the surface while preserving its conductivity. ESD Long Life PU Sealer makes the floor particularly easy to clean and care for.

Beaver Floorcare are a main contractor in the UK for Dr Schutz protective coatings and can provide a range of ESD solutions, from the transparent long life ESD PU Sealer to a full ESD coloured system that will transform the appearance of any floor, there is a single coat ESD PU Sealer system for areas that require minimum downtime.

The benefits are very noticeable for all industries that have ESD flooring, we have helped clients apply these systems into clean rooms, electronic manufacturers, the automotive industry, weapon/explosive manufacturers, pharmaceutical laboratories, chemical manufacturers, aircraft hangers, hospitals and more.

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