Contract Floor Maintenance

Contact Floor Maintenance in the UK

Save your budgets & assets

It is proven that regular contract floor maintenance will prolong the lifespan of floor coverings, this has been demonstrated by our teams of operatives for many years in many different environments. The lifecycle of floor materials will deteriorate rapidly if the correct maintenance procedures are not installed from the day of installation, implementing these will avoid restoration and crisis cleaning. It is vitally important that the correct methods are adhered to as this will affect the long term results, the methods should be carried out by trained operatives that are well versed in floor maintenance procedures.

We have a simplistic approach to contract floor maintenance services that we provide our clients with, we believe that if you over complicate the frequencies and methods not only can budgets be compromised but the opportunity for errors are increased. As a company that have been involved in carpet maintenance for over 30 years, there is a typical standard starting point of 1 full deep clean and 3 traffic lane cleans per annum, this will work on most office buildings over 1000m2 unless there is unusually high foot traffic or heavy drinks and food spillages. Some adjustment to the programme could be 2 full cleans and 2 traffic lane cleans per annum.

A typical hard floor maintenance programme or stone floor maintenance programme could be similarly a quarterly or even bi monthly visit to ensure the appearance does not drop below the required level, the methods are again all important to ensure the best possible results in the most efficient time. This is something that Beaver Floorcare are very experienced in, we have maintained multiple pharmacy/retail units across the UK that have Amtico flooring or LVT tiles to luxury hotels and spa resorts that have marble floors. Each of our clients are treated individually and a programme of maintenance is devised to suit the locations of premises, desired appearance and budget, these can typically be a 1 year, 3 year or even a 5 year contract depending on the engaging company. We work directly for clients as well as through Multi FM and large cleaning contractors that wish to utilise our vast experience in floor maintenance.

If you have a building that you would like to implement the correct floor maintenance methods contact us for a tailor made programme. It may just save your budget in premature replacement of your floors.

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