ESD Colour Floor Sealers

ESD Colour Coatings

Rejuvenate & recolour your ESD floor

Beaver Floorcare are a main contractor in the UK for Dr Schutz protective coatings and can provide a range of ESD Floor Sealer solutions, from the transparent long life ESD PU Sealer to a full ESD coloured system that will transform the appearance of any floor. The benefits are clear for all that have ESD floors, we have applied these coloured systems into clean rooms, electronic manufacturing sites, the automotive industry, weapon/explosive manufacturers, pharmaceutical laboratories, chemical manufacturers, aircraft hangers, hospitals and more.

Not only will it rejuvenate the appearance of the worn, tired floor surface to an as new look, it will considerably improve the conductivity of the floor. As Dr. Schutz trained professionals we will fill the cracks, deal with problematic dilatations, missing molding lines, deep clean the floor and install ESD Long Life PU Sealer Color in 2 coats and one clear coat of ESD Long Life PU Sealer, to insure the best wear and tear resistance along with the excellent conductivity properties. This system can change the colour of your ESD floor, it can also give back its new “factory” look, in the meantime fulfilling all ESD requirements.

Without ESD Long Life PU Sealer wear layer: Heavy use and wear, together with dirt particles can cause permanent damage to the conductive or ESD flooring.

ESD Long life PU Colour protects the surface while preserving its conductivity. ESD Long Life PU Colour improves the appearance plus makes it easy to clean and care for.

Cleaning of the restored ESD floor will be easier and more cost efficient. Daily maintenance should be carried out with Dr. Schutz ESD Cleaner.

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