Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Floors

Attention to detail

Beaver Floorcare has been providing deep cleaning services on all flooring types for nearly three decades. Within this time we have developed various systems that give the most unbelievable results without compromising any aspect of the flooring, whilst being exceptionally ecologically friendly at the same time. When we are assessing and surveying flooring types that require intensive deep cleaning, these important aspects of deep cleaning are addressed at this time;

  • Type of flooring
  • Approximate age
  • Condition of the floor
  • Signs of wear & tear
  • Damage

Once these points have been covered and discussed with the client, we can then suggest the next steps and suitable route forward. Depending on some of the factors above, the sensible option can be a test clean, this will determine the end results possible and provide a clear analyse for the client.
Our methods for deep cleaning different floor types will all involve the use of safe chemicals, efficient machinery, trained staff, attention to detailing and the desire to achieve the best possible result. We offer deep cleaning on all of the following floor surfaces – carpet tiles, wool carpets, vinyl, linoleum, Marmoleum, rubber, PVC industrial tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, granite, quartz, limestone, sandstone, terrazzo, slate, concrete & epoxy resin.
Beaver Floorcare will not only look after all your interior floor deep cleaning, we also have all the necessary equipment for deep cleaning exterior floor surfaces.
The types of surface contaminants that we regularly deep clean and remove from floors are oil, food, grease, mud, dry dust, tar, plaster dust, drinks such as wine, tea, coffee and soft drinks. When removing some of the items above from the floor surface it is very important that the correct cleaning chemical solution is selected to remove the staining and dirt. If incorrect cleaning solutions are used it can result in either poor results or the worst case scenario of damaging the floor surface.
Beaver Floorcare are incredibly experienced in achieving great results when deep cleaning all floor surfaces in various commercial, industrial & residential locations, afterwards we can help you look after your flooring with one of our best value maintenance programmes.

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