Wood Floor Staining

Wood Floor Staining – Choose Your Own Shade

Bespoke wood staining techniques

Colour is such a personal preference and it affects our everyday lives in what we wear, what shade we paint our walls and even what colour car we drive!
Because interior design plays a significant part in how a building or house is perceived, every little part of that interior has a consideration. Timber flooring comes in such a wide variety of finishes, more so than 10 years ago and as such, the specialist colouration and coatings has grown considerably. Limitations on what colour you stain your wood flooring are greatly reduced.
Different stains will give you varying appearances, oil based stains are easier to apply and may require multiple applications to achieve the desired depth of colour, whereas alcohol and solvent based stains will have a much stronger strike rate and colour the wood faster. Be careful though as they are less forgiving than oil based. For larger areas, it is sensible to apply the stain using an oil cloth and a rotary floor machine as it will save a great deal of time.
It is worth noting that certain timber types will not accept stains due to the density of the wood, these will be hardwoods such as teak, cherry, maple and many Africa kinds of wood.



Having a sample area done can be very worthwhile as it will enable you to visualise the entire space, the floor is a large integral part of any interior so don’t rush the choice.
Once you have decided and have applied the stain of your choice the all important final finish has to be chosen, once again there is a wide range of coatings available ranging from oils, hard wax oils, lacquers, polyurethane, commercial grade anti slip coatings and crackling washes.

The choice is yours! Contact Us for more information or advice on your project.

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