Rubber Floor Treatment

Rubber Floor Treatments

Replenish and protect the surface

Rubber floors are versatile and have many great qualities about them, they absorb sound particularly well, have good anti-static properties, they are non-slip and come in a variety of different colours and designs. When looking at the maintenance and cleaning of rubber flooring it is important that the correct chemicals, machinery and consumables are used to clean and protect the floor surface. We are currently service providers for Nora flooring and will look after their flooring post installation, the services that we currently offer are as follows;

  • Periodic deep cleans
  • Regular maintenance cleaning
  • Application of polymer maintainers
  • Scratch removal
  • Application of hard wearing PU sealer

When engaging a supplier or contractor to clean and restore a rubber floor, you should ask them what chemicals they intend to use along with a method statement before any works begin. If the incorrect chemicals are used or the engaged contractor does not know the pitfalls of using the incorrect equipment, permanent damage can occur that is irreversible. Beaver Floorcare will only use approved chemicals, correct floor pads and machinery to clean, restore and maintain rubber flooring. We are very experienced in restoration techniques to remove scratches from the floor surface, this will typically involve the use very fine diamond abrasive pads to finely polish them out whilst taking care not to damage the flooring. Once we have restored the floor surface we will apply a protective coating to ensure the surface appearance is maintainable and protected for the future.

If you have a building where you would like Beaver Floorcare to survey, quote and carry out any of the above services please contact us.