Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning Exterior Surfaces

Understanding your floors

When attempting to clean or restore exterior surfaces it is very important to know what sort of material and surface you are working on, this determines what chemicals and methods of cleaning can and can’t be used. Exterior floor surfaces are generally subjected to more contaminant variables than interior surfaces, these can be pollutants, algae, mosses, lichen, acid rain and leaf derived materials, so the cleaning method selection is important to ensure that the results are achieved.

Beaver Floorcare have carried out a wide range of services on exterior surfaces with great results and many satisfied clients, the types of cleaning and treatments that we carry out are listed below;

  • Paving Cleaning & Sealing
  • Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing
  • Gum Removal & Prevention
  • Graffiti Removal & Prevention
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Decking Cleaning

Beaver Floorcare carries a large amount of machinery to cope with small to very large commercial projects, this can be large scrubbing machines to lightly agitate the surface or high-pressure water jetting machinery should the surface be stable enough to withstand high PSI. Whatever the surface we can clean it and deliver great results. If the surface has been poorly maintained it may require an additional treatment after restoring to seal, protect the surface and reduce any future degradation.
When choosing a sealant to protect the clean and restored surface it is wise to understand what you are wanting the sealant to protect against, if it is just to resist general staining you can use a slightly lower grade impregnating sealant. If you are wanting a sealant to resist graffiti or chewing gum adhesion a more specialised type of sealant is required, these will create a barrier between the contaminant and the substrate which it cannot adhere to.
We can advise you of the best, most effective sealants on the market which will deliver outstanding results and performance on all exterior surfaces.

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