Anti Slip Floor Tiles

Keeping Floor Tiles Non-Slip

Safe, clean, walkable floor surface

Slip accidents can cause great trauma for the individual that falls and their surrounding family if it is a serious fall. These sort of slip & trip accidents can easily be avoided if the correct procedures are installed and the unsafe floor is treated with a correct anti-slip treatment for PTV readings 36+.
Man made floor tiles such as ceramics and porcelains will not always have a slip resistance rating that reaches the desired level and can pose to be a potential problem for slip, these need a correct anti-slip treatment so your duty of care is fulfilled. It can also occur that the tiles are specified as an R11 rating or 36 > PTV (pendulum test value) but after 12 months of wear and incorrect maintenance, the tiles do not meet these readings when tested, these tiles also need a treatment to fulfil your duty of care.
If a slip accident does occur on a tiled floor that has not been assessed, tested or treated an independent Pendulum Test will be the next step if the injured person does decide to proceed with a claim. If the pendulum test is conclusive that the tiled floor does not meet the correct criteria and is deemed non-compliant, the building owner, leaseholder, trader or owner of the floor will be held liable and will be claimed against in a court of law.

Beaver Floorcare has treated many different types of ceramic and porcelain floors for slip over several years and has many satisfied clients. Through our careful deduction of the tile structure and surface, we are able to select the most suitable anti-slip treatment that will provide the best long-term solution for your floor. We have great experience in finding the right treatment that will not only provide a safe, clean and presentable surface but will retain its appearance.

These are some of the simple procedures that we carry out when assessing non-compliant floors.

Beaver Floorcare is independent of anti-slip treatment manufacturers and therefore have access to a very wide range of treatments, this enables us to select the most appropriate treatment that will solve your slippery floor issues.

We work in the following areas treating ceramic & porcelain; airports, hotels, leisure clubs, spa’s, offices, stadiums, retail units & apartment blocks.

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