Wood Colouring Oils

Any Colour, No Limits On Appearance

Totally bespoke wood colouring

Oiling of wooden floors is steadily becoming more fashionable again and rightly so, with the introduction of coloured oils which are full solid and hard wearing, the visual possibilities are endless.

The beauty of applying coloured oils against staining is that they will have a higher impregnation of oil into the wood fibres and provide a hard wearing finish along with amazing coloration.
The colour range of oils is shown in the chart below.

These oils are not only for use on floors, they can be used on furniture and other applications on wood. When using the Eukula oiling system you also have the added benefit of a further application of protective water based Eukula lacquer over the top of the coloured oil, this not only means that the surface has added protection it will not alter the oiled look of the floor.

If you are looking for a different appearance to an existing or new wooden floor, this could be the solution for you. Suitable for both residential and commercial installations.

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