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Beaver Floorcare provides professional carpet cleaning services for all types of properties throughout the Midlands and UK. We have accumulated an impressive portfolio of clients built on referrals and a reputation for delivering exceptional carpet cleaning results. Our teams of operatives are regularly working on a variety of buildings and installations from Industrial units to 5-star hotels and prestigious blue chip offices.

Cleaning carpets can be a task that often gets placed on the back burner, however, it is vitally important to regularly clean your carpets to ensure optimum performance, appearance and reduce harmful dirt. How they are cleaned can be a minefield for those with limited knowledge of machinery, chemicals, processes and techniques. It is at this point that you may want to use an experienced carpet cleaning company like Beaver Floorcare. If you use an un-experienced carpet cleaning company it can have a direct effect on the poor results that may be achieved.

There are several methods of cleaning carpets which all have their place, pluses and minuses but before we start to clean we will need some further information on the type of carpet we are about to clean. Knowledge of carpet types is all important when we come to choose the correct cleaning system, below are listed the typical types of carpet available;

  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Cotton

For instance, these can be 100% of the material above i.e. 100% Wool or a blend of two materials – 80/20 (80% Wool / 20% Nylon). If we are unsure of which material your carpet or carpet tiles are made from, we will ask you to contact the shop or manufacturer from where you bought it and gather this information. There is a method of determining the carpet fibre types by conducting a ‘burn test’, I would not recommend this unless you are familiar with the technique as it involves removing some fibres from an area that is not visible.

This is probably the most known system associated with cleaning carpets, it is often termed as steam cleaning, carpet washing or extraction cleaning. The basic process involves spraying water through the carpet fibres with a detergent and then vacuuming the dirty water out of the carpet, this is all done using a wet extraction machine. Hot water extraction machines come in various shapes and sizes with varying capabilities, these can range from budget small machines that will cope with small spillages and clean small areas to large truck mounted machines that have phenomenal vacuuming and pressure hoses to deliver hot water. It can be a very effective method when used correctly with the right chemicals, the key to success is to control the amount of water that is used and the effective removal of the dirty water. The most common pitfall with this system is not rinsing the carpet through after using a detergent, this results in rapid re-soiling due to sticky detergent residues being left in the carpet fibres. It should also be noted that this system is to be used with extreme care when cleaning any carpets that contain wool as it can result in shrinkage or colour bleeding. You should always overlap where you have just cleaned then work at right angles where possible to eliminate streak marks and cleaning lines. Drying of the carpet can take 4-24 hours but this can be reduced by using air movers. We will also use this system sometimes when cleaning upholstery.

This system can be used within multiple environments and utilises a rotary buffer machine (usually 150-200rpm) with a soft bristle brush and a solution tank. The diluted detergent is fed through the solution tank onto the carpet this is then brushed through the carpet fibres. The carpet will need vacuuming afterwards to remove detergent residues, however, with the advancements of chemicals, there are encapsulation detergents that do not require immediate vacuuming but can be vacuumed when dry to remove the crystallised dirt particles. The system is generally considered as a maintenance type clean or as an additional system used in conjunction with Hot Water Extraction or Bonnet Mopping. This system is not suitable for wool based carpets as it can distort the pile.

Thoroughly clean & fresh

Designed to eliminate the compromises associated with wet cleaning methods. The carpet cleaner hold the necessary ingredients which absorbs the soil from the carpet fibres, the cleaner is applied to the carpet and brushed through using a machine with counter rotating brushes. This dissolves and absorbs the dirt from deep within the carpet fibres as well as lifting the carpet pile before vacuuming the dirty cleaner away. Carpets are left dry and ready to use immediately, it is a good system that means no down time, however it will struggle with very soiled carpets or heavy detergent residues from poor wet cleaning. Safe for use on all carpet types.

Using a rotary buffing machine (150-200rpm) and soft bonnet pads made from either synthetic, cotton or microfibre material are placed on the rotary machine. The carpet is sprayed with either a bonnet mopping or an encapsulation chemical and worked over using the rotary and bonnet pads, the dirt is transferred to the pad which will be laundered afterwards. There again this is considered as a maintenance system or used in conjunction with other system to achieve superior results. It is not suitable for twist pile wool carpet as it will distort the pile.

Removing spillages and stains from carpet needs to be approached carefully as using oxidising stain removers (supermarket shelf) can permanently fix stains to the carpet fibres. A good professional spot & stain remover will pay for itself very quickly. A tried and tested method of blotting the affected area using a white terry towel and water first to test if a transfer of residue is evident is a great place to start. If the majority of the stain can be removed like this it will be kinder to your carpet, once you have reached a ‘no transfer’ from carpet to towel the use some professional spot remover. Please remember that less is best, the more spot remover that you use does not mean it will clean any quicker. Other specialist spot and stain removers are available for specific marks like red wine, grease, curry, fizzy drinks and many more.

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