Oak Floor Restoration

Oak Floor Restoration, Sanding and Repairs

Surface restoration of hardwood

Oak is a traditional British timber species which is synonymous with strength and quality. It is commonly found in strip, parquet and herringbone styles. Oak has some wonderful grain patterns that can be accentuated with different sanding, staining and coating techniques. Beaver Floorcare have extensive knowledge in sanding and restoring oak flooring across multiple sectors, the systems that we use enable us to restore floors using dust free sanding methods which impact less on the environments that we are working in.

Oak flooring is commonly found in schools, universities, offices, museums, libraries, retail sites and many other types of buildings across the UK of which we have some excellent case studies in oak floor restoration. The types of coatings & finishes that work well on oak are lacquers, oils, hardwax oils, coloured oils, lyes and wood soaps. Beaver Floorcare are experienced in choosing the correct finish and coating for the useage and traffic amounts that will pass over the floor, it is important that the right coating is used to ensure longevity of the surface.

If you would like details of how Beaver Floorcare can revive your oak flooring to an as new finish, please contact us for further details or a free site survey.

Oak Floor Restoration Services:

  • Floor sanding
  • Staining
  • Filling
  • Board and parquet replacement 
  • Repairs
  • Application of oils, hardwax oils and lacquers
  • Maintenance product supply (cleaners, mops & refreshers)

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