Stone Floor Honing

Stone Floor Honing

Restore the surface

No matter what stone floor you may have it is inevitable that it will wear and scratch over time, this could be weeks, months or years dependant on the environment that the floor is situated. Commercial floors are more often subjected to heavier footfall and abrasion than residential floors, commercial floors should always install a suitable maintenance programme to retain the appearance and prevent costly restoration costs.
If a floor has been worn to a point of no return through polishing, it is necessary to hone the stone, this process can be carried out using diamond abrasives or by using specialist honing powders. A typical stone honing specification method is as follows;

  1. Deep Clean the stone to remove dirt and grit particles
  2. Apply diamond abrasives/honing powders to a ratio of 200 grit
  3. Thorough vacuum and rinse of the floor
  4. Repeat stage 2 with 400 grit abrasives
  5. Thorough vacuum and rinse of the floor
  6. Apply high grade impregnating sealant

The above specification will finish the floor to a matt appearance whilst still showing the natural characteristics of the floor tile.

Natural stone or porcelain can be honed to a matt finish or it can be polished to a high gloss finish dependant on the buildings decor or the clients specification, however it is important that either finish is sealed using high grade impregnating or similar stone sealant to prevent damage, staining and easier maintenance.
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