Removing detergent residues

Removing Detergent Residues

No rapid resoiling of carpets

It is more common than is thought, carpets that are cleaned using a wet extraction method with a diluted cleaning detergent are more susceptible in retaining some of the sticky detergent residue that is left within the carpet fibres. This won’t be apparent until 1 – 2 weeks after the carpet has been cleaned when the walkable dirt is transferred on to the sticky residue, this accelerates the rapid resoiling scenario with dirt tracking through heavy wear areas becoming very noticeable. We have witnessed these occurrences over many years in many different buildings and still continue to do so. So how can these carpets that get dirty quickly be rectified?

The process involved to remove the detergent residues will require the following machinery.

  • Wet extraction machine with a strong vacuum
  • Fibre rinse (mildly acidic to cut through detergent)
  • Water
  • Bucket for disposal of extracted liquid

The carpet fibres require a thorough flushing through and extracting using a diluted fibre rinse to break down any residues, this should be repeated only once followed by a water only rinse and extract to ensure no more residues remain. If the carpet has been improperly cleaned over the years and the build up of residues is considerable, it may be necessary to allow the carpet to dry and repeat the process after 1 week.

After the carpet has been treated in such a manner, it would be best practice to install a correct carpet maintenance programme that will not result in further carpet cleaning chemicals being left within the carpet fibres, dry carpet cleaning is only one of the methods that can provide this solution.

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