Amtico Cleaning

Amtico Floor Cleaning

Invest in your flooring

Amtico flooring is an investment and a valuable asset that you should maintain correctly to ensure you get the longevity from the material. Cleaning Amtico Flooring is simple if you follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Dust mop using either a dry sweeper or a micro fibre dry static mop. Do NOT use a vacuum that could scratch the surface.
  2. Clean using diluted Amtico Maintainer and a microfiber wet mop.
  3. Heavily soiled and tracked areas may require deep cleaning with Amtico Stripper. This should be diluted to the correct rate, applied to the floor and left to act for a few minutes before scrubbing with a rotary floor machine and a red or blue pad. If it is a small area you can use a doodlebug kit or a deck brush to agitate the stripper. Dirty water slurry should be wet vacuumed or mopped up and thoroughly rinsed.
  4. Bevel cleaning too slow? Using a bevel cleaning brush will make the job quicker.
  5. If you want to protect your hard work you can apply Amtico Dressing which is a protective sealant that will seal your floor and make cleaning and maintenance easier. You should apply 3-4 thin coats and allow it to dry between coats. Use a recommended dressing applicator for best results.

We have a vast knowledge of caring for Amtico Signature and Spacia flooring and use recommended specialist techniques to achieve the best possible results.


  • Scuff marks & scratches
  • Ingrained dirt & staining
  • Application of protective sealants
  • Ongoing aftercare & maintenance
  • Advisory Aftercare support

We not only carry out maintenance cleaning and deep cleans, we also are very experienced in periodic treatments to Amtico flooring which can be termed as a ‘Strip and Seal’. Dressing a floor with a polish or even a more permanent Dr Schutz PU sealer to prevent excess wear will extend the lifecycle of the floor, keeping it protected and looking better for longer.

If you are looking for the gold star treatment with a more permanent PU protective sealant to prevent excess wear and extend the lifecycle of the floor, we can apply matt, satin, gloss finishes and anti-slip for high-risk slip areas in bathrooms. Badly scratched floors can be disguised with state of the art materials that will enhance the appearance of your floor bringing back the ‘new look’ once again. All come with a 3-year warranty.

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