Carpet Cleaning Methods - Delicate

Care and attention

At Beaver Floor Care, we offer carpet cleaning on a range of materials including nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, polyester, wool, cotton etc. Some of these materials are more delicate than others and they require different types of care. If you invest in us to take care of your carpets, we ensure you will have the right cleaning method that will make your carpets impeccably clean and with the best treatment so that they will last as long as possible which ultimately saves you money.

The different methods we use include hot water extraction, rotary shampooing, dry extraction cleaning, bonnet mopping and spot and stain removal. Whatever type of carpet you have, we know the appropriate carpet cleaning methods to give the best results.

We offer oriental carpet cleaning for general cleans or on specific stains. These rugs or carpets are more delicate than normal carpets and require more specific care. This process involves vacuuming, shampooing with cold water and a long-haired brush. We brush the pile in the direction of the nap and wet it thoroughly without brushing too vigorously. If you have fringes on your carpet we can clean this as well with a soap solution and brush. We then rinse the carpet and remove the excess water and leave it to dry. Finally, we brush the pile to leave the carpet soft and clean. We ensure there is no colour run on your carpet, which we know often, happens when you attempt to clean these carpets yourself.

We also offer organic carpet cleaning, which is for carpets made of renewable fibres such as sea grass, organic cotton, organic wool, bamboo etc. They are also made using no artificial chemicals. These carpets need special care, as the organic material is more prone to deterioration. This is because the carpets are made from biodegradable materials so are more sensitive to heavy usage. If these carpets are mistreated the fibres will break down and the carpet will fall apart. You should not scrub the carpets, walk on them in dirty shoes, and we recommend that you avoid using most chemicals unless they are specifically recommended for organic materials.

Our wool carpet cleaning service can be used for 100% wool products or a blend of two materials. Most methods are unsuitable due to shrinkage and distortion of the pile, however, we can use dry extraction cleaning which uses a cleaner that dissolves and absorbs the dirt and the pile is the lifted to finish off the look.

Some of our procedures do involve chemical carpet cleaning but we supply all the stain removers, which are safe and easy to use and they are suitable for all carpet types including 100% wool. We use Chemspec liquid formulas in our wet extraction, which has different levels of pH depending on the strength, needed and is suitable for all materials.

If you have any more questions or are unsure of the type of material your carpet is and whether it may be delicate, please get in touch today and we will be happy to help.