Stone Floor Sealing

Sealing Stone for Maximum Protection

Natural stone & substrate protection

Natural stone flooring and concrete is perceived to be very hard wearing and impervious to staining from pollutants, spillages, grease, oil and other liquids. This is not the case, stone is naturally porous and requires protecting to prevent degradation and a swift drop in appearance levels.
Some stones are less porous than others and will need higher quantities of impregnation to protect them, for instance granite is less porous than limestone and therefore will need less product applied to achieve the desired result.
The benefits in protecting natural stone with an impregnating sealant will be immediately noticed, firstly liquids will bead up on the surface and not soak or penetrate into the stone, the surface is really easy to wipe and remove spillages. The cleaning and maintenance of the stone is much easier, this is because dirt will only sit on the stone surface and does not sit in the pores of the stone,you will find that the stone stays cleaner for much longer.

The ideal situation is to apply the protective impregnation to newly laid materials, this way the stone or concrete is protected from the start, this will not be as costly as cleaning or restoration procedures and sealing after 6 – 12 months from installation.

When applying impregnating sealants it is important that the stone surface is fully clean and free from dust, dirt, stains and moisture, this ensures maximum impregnation and protection.

Impregnation and sealing of natural stone is not only for interior surfaces, it is equally effective on exterior stone, paving or concrete. When applying impregnating sealants to exterior stone it is important that it is carried out in dry conditions. Some impregnating sealants when used in exterior situations will not only stop dirt and liquids staining the surface, they will stop chewing gum and graffiti from sticking to the surface and creating a poor appearance. This can be a massive benefit to areas that are subjected to high volumes of the public.

Beaver Floorcare carry a large selection of sealants suitable for all environments, our staff are highly trained in the application of impregnating sealants on all stone types, we can also provide cleaning, polishing and stone restoration services prior to the application of these protection products. Please contact us for a no obligation quote on your project.

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