Granwood Floor Restoration

One of our wood specialist teams visited St John’s Middle School in Bromsgrove to undertake a restoration of their tired Granwood floor in the school hall.

Granwood floor before

We started off by conducting a 3 stage sand (36, 60, 100) across the whole floor, using Bona UX Belt Sander for the main body of the floor, and completing the edges with the Bona Edge UX.

Granwood Floor Restoration, Belt Sander
First stage sand using Bona UX Belt Sander, 36 Grit

Following on from the 3 stage sand, we then repeated a 100 grit with the Klindex Levighetor, before moving on to a 120 grit finishing sand with the Lägler trio.

Granwood Floor Restoration, Bona Lägler Trio
Final Sand using Lägler Trio, 120 Grit

Once the sanding was complete, the whole floor was vacuumed, and we then went over the floor again with a tack cloth to ensure the floor was completely free of all remnants and dust.

Granwoof Floor Restoration, Vacuum and Tack off
Final Vacuum in preparation for lacquer application

To finish off, 3 coats of Granwax Granfinish Satin were applied to the floor over 2 days, ensuring ample drying time between each coat.

Application of Granwood Granfinish Satin, first coat.