Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning Commercial Environments

Correct procedures are imperative

The general cleaning of materials is mostly required no matter what it is, it could be your kitchen sink or it could be a bicycle that you use periodically, all things need cleaning from time to time. If you don’t clean and maintain products and materials they will rust, tarnish or degrade past any recoverable state. These can then sometimes present risks for health issues, biological contamination and or ingestion of harmful substances or bacteria.

Carpets are a prime example when not cleaned properly or maintained correctly. Dust mites love dust and dirt, if you don’t use the correct vacuum cleaner to remove the harmful dust, dirt and grit from the carpet fibres, dust mites and other infestations will happily make it their home. Carpets are a three dimensional product meaning that the carpet pile is not a flat surface and things can get stuck or caught within the pile fibres, a great place for dust and other things to live. Extracting these things on a daily basis is important to our health benefits, use the correct upright vacuum cleaner daily and employ a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean the carpet periodically.

Flat two dimensional surfaces are generally easier to clean unless its something like the windows on a 35 storey building, however consideration still has to be taken into account when selecting the right cleaning materials or liquids. You would not dream of cleaning your car with a brillo pad because it would ruin the paintwork just like you would not a caustic drain cleaner to clean a computer screen, what we are ascertaining here is there are correct, safe cleaning products and chemicals for the type of cleaning required.

Flooring is no different from the discussion above, you should have some knowledge of what you are cleaning before attempting to use a product that you may not know how it will affect it. I refer back to carpeting for this reference, if you have a wool based carpet and someone spills coffee over it what should you do and what you should not use? Firstly you should blot the excess with an absorbent towel which soaks up the excess liquid, secondly lightly spray water over the area and blot again with a fresh absorbent towel, once this is completed use a safe carpet spot and stain remover applied to an absorbent towel and blot carefully to see if a transfer of coffee residue is present. Repeat until stain is removed. What you should not use is an oxidizing carpet stain remover that will permanently set the coffee stain into the fibres.

Oil and water repel one another, this is useful information when cleaning wooden floors because you should know what was applied to the wood floor before you apply any cleaner that may affect an oiled or waxed finish.

Exterior stone will have pollutants that will attach themselves to the surface of the stone, these can be micro organisms or traffic films. Dependent on what stone type it is Portland, sandstone, limestone will determine what type of cleaning agent can be used and how acidic or alkaline it can be on the pH scale. As a general rule it is better to clean with safe chemicals often than to leave an item for a long period of time without cleaning.

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