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Beaver Floorcare have been providing office carpet cleaning services throughout the UK for over 20 years, we are fully insured and are safe contractor, chas, construction line, ISO 9001, wool safe and bics accredited. As an established professional carpet cleaning service we are aware of the sensitive nature of office carpet cleaning and the environmental surrounding aspects that can determine the results achieved. Our services generally require a site survey before providing a full detailed quotation, the reasons for a pre site inspection are as follows;

  • Establish type i.e. carpet tiles, manufacturer, construction of fibres, age of carpet
  • Sub floor type – concrete, raised floor access
  • Type of soilage – drinks, food, dry dust
  • Desk layout – walkways and high traffic areas
  • Daily cleaning – vacuum type, spot removal
  • Current carpet maintenance programme

All of the above provide useful information that can be applied to the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures when working in different office types. For instance, a call centre that has 2000 employees where a hot desk system is in operation and people are allowed to consume food and drinks at their desks will need more intensive deep cleaning and a higher frequency than a similar sized building that only allows employees to eat and drink in breakout areas.

The correct type of carpet cleaning system that is applied is vitally important. Computers and I.T equipment can be a main core to many offices, the over use of Hot Water Extraction Cleaning can be detrimental especially if a panelled raised floor is present, you certainly do NOT want water residues seeping into sunken plug sockets or affecting computer towers. The use of low moisture systems in these situations is much more safety conscious and will eliminate the risks from over wetting carpet. Beaver Floorcare carry all systems for carpet cleaning including; low moisture foam, hot water extraction, encapsulation, bonnet, microsplitters, dry extraction and will use the most effective and safest methods to ensure first class results.

Spot removal is a key component to a professional carpet clean, knowing the type of spillage (coffee, tea, soup, fizzy drinks, chewing gum, blu-tac) and the correct spot remover to break down the soilage can be the difference between success and failure. We carry a wide knowledge of spot removal products and techniques and can remove even the toughest stains.


  1. A good dry vacuum is necessary to remove all dry soilage
  2. Use commercial grade pile lifting equipment for ultimate soilage removal
  3. Spot removal on the worst stains
  4. Identify the right system or a combination of systems for the carpet and environment
  5. Deep Clean all areas required and repeat as necessary in high traffic areas
  6. Further spot removal where required
  7. Final vacuum
  8. Inspection of all areas cleaned

If you require any further information, advice or would like to book a FREE site survey please contact us – 01564 742095