Marble Floor Polishing

Marble Floor Polishing

Restoring the shine

Marble and natural stone floors that are polished to a high gloss finish do require ongoing maintenance to retain the gloss appearance. If regular cleaning and maintenance is not carried out the surface appearance will deteriorate over a period of time. It is important that the correct cleaning agents such as a stone soap are used on a daily basis to maintain the marble or stone surface, this will keep the high gloss finish for a longer period of time.

If the marble or stone surface is worn or tracked to a dull finish, it will require diamond polishing to bring the shine back to a high gloss mirror finish. This can be part of an ongoing maintenance programme or an ad-hoc process as and when required dependent on footfall. Our marble polishing process will generally consist of 1-3 grades of diamond abrasives which is finished using a vitrification procedure to seal the pores of the stone which will give the final enriched and polished surface. Sometimes wire wool will be used dependent on the stone or marble type, this can massage the surface to an even higher gloss level.

It is advisable that we apply a stone sealant to protect the surface from staining on a periodic basis. These are available in varying degrees of protection from heavy duty resin based impregnation sealers to topical colour enhancers that will provide some ongoing protection.

If you have a marble floor that requires restoring its glossy appearance, we can advise you and deliver the correct service required for your floor.

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