Granite Anti Slip

Granite Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

Granite floors are common in commercial buildings, offices, entrances, washrooms and more. Granite is used because of its hard wearing properties and amazing visual appearance, it is generally polished to a high gloss mirror finish to which it is associated However it is also flame sealed, bush hammered and honed. Granite is a very dense stone from the igneous category, it has a granular texture and is generally found in the following colours white, black, pink, red and grey.

When anti-slip treating granite it is important to prepare the stone surface so the treatment can work effectively if the stone surface is not cleaned, prepared with all surface contaminants removed the anti-slip treatment is at risk of not performing correctly. This is all important and will affect the final PTV (pendulum test value).

Beaver Floorcare has an extended track record of working on granite floors that display slip issues and resolve them to a high level of slip resistance. The most difficult granite to achieve successful results without dramatically altering the appearance of the stone are in the black colour spectrum. We have solutions for all black granites that will enhance the appearance whilst keeping the floor safe.

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