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Hardwood floors require cleaning just as much as any other floor, however there are considerations to be taken in to account. Firstly you need to ascertain if the wood is sealed with an oil, hardwax oil, water or oil based lacquer, this is important as it will dictate what type of cleaner and machinery you use.
Once you have found this information you can then start and find which are the safest wood floor cleaners for your floor, be careful of purchasing cleaners off the supermarket shelf as they might cause damage to an oiled floor. If a cleaner that is too aggressive is used on a oil or hardwax oil it will remove the goodness of the oil and dry the timber leaving a dull, dry, under nourished appearance, if this happens you will need to clean the floor with an oil safe wood cleaner before re-applying more oil or hardwax oil.
If you have a polyurethane lacquer which is oil or water based you should use a wood floor cleaner that is mildly alkaline or pH neutral, because the surface of the wood is impenetrable to water you can be a little less careful on what you use. This being said you should not use heavy detergent based cleaners that leave any residual films on the surface that can become sticky and attract dirt.

The type of mopping systems that should be used are low moisture, so a flat mopping/microfibre mop type arrangement along with a spray to apply the diluted wood floor cleaner is the best combination as you can control the amount of moisture being applied to the floor. If a machine is required the two types of machines that are suitable are either a rotary floor machine which is low speed (180rpm) or a scrubber drier which has a facility to control the water flow so not to over wet and risk the timber swelling. These machines should be used in conjunction with the correct wood floor cleaner and a red or white floor pad so the surface of the wood in not damaged.

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