Floor refurbishment

Budget Saver – Recolour your Floor for Less

Our floor re-colouring service can sometimes be overlooked as an option over a replacement floor. Here is a floor that we refurbished for Thames Water in Reading. The floor was linoleum and had been degraded due to numerous chemical spillages.

Old Floor Requiring Refurbishment

Our process to turn an old floor into a new surface, started with a deep clean and full preparation. This floor needed a good strip back so we used Dr Schutz Turbo Strip with a 3M SPP pad to remove any contaminants from the linoleum surface. See the results below:

Linoleum Floor PreperationLinoleum floor cleaning

The results are much improved and show how dirty the floor was. The SPP pads are a great way to micro abrade the surface removing soiling and keying the surface. The pads are approximately 400 grit which doesn’t open up the linoleum too much making it porous. The floor was fully rinsed and allowed to dry before masking any areas such as rubber strips. Due to the equipment in the laboratory, there were desks and other items that we had to work around, this made the process a little longer and a bit more fiddly. Once the floor was dry we started the first coat of PU colour. See below.

Pu Colour design application

We applied the first coat of PU Colour and allowed this to dry. We followed with a second coat of PU Colour, we worked this in sections and whilst the top coat was wet we applied dark blue chips to the floor. The time taken to achieve a consistent fleck pattern across the floor is well spent in the final appearance. After the second coat was dry the floor was coated with 2 coats of PU Anti-Colour, this has ensured that the floor will not stain in the future from chemical spillages. The client was extremely impressed with the final finish and the lack of disruption. The floor has been transformed into a clean, hermetically sealed surface that will be protected for many years.

Dr Schutz ColourFloor refurbishmentFloor Coloured Seal