School Hall Floor Sanding

School Floor Restoration Sanding

Ninestiles school in Birmingham had serious issues with one of their herringbone parquet halls after they removed the carpet that was covering it. The hardwood blocks were either tenting, sections were loose or large sections had been removed and filled in with concrete, this required substantial repairs before any floor restoration sanding works could take place. We were engaged by the school beacause of our track record and knowledge of school floor restoration works.

School Floor RestorationParquet Floor RestorationSchool Floor Repairs

Over 1000 Replacement blocks were sourced from another room in the school to patch in the concrete areas, after all the blocks were fixed using Bona R850 we carried out a full sand and seal using Eukula water based finishes.

  • The process consisted of belt sanding using the following grit ranges – 36, 60, 100, 120.
  • Edging sander 40, 80 , 100.
  • Trio Finishing Sander 120 grit
  • Final Vacuum
  • Application of Eukula Prime 200
  • Application of Eukula Perform 461 Satin (3 coats)

School Floor Sanded & Lacquered