non slip stone floor

Travertine Floor Restoration

Beaver Floorcare were invited to tender for large scale travertine restoration works at a high profile blue chip establishment, we were awarded the works and demonstrated our impressive techniques in full epoxy filling of the stone before a full diamond grind and a final sealing process.

The process involved colour matching the epoxy resin to the stone and filling over 1900m2 to a high standard, this was followed by diamond grinding the travertine with soap stones (120 grit) and several stages of diamonds afterwards finishing on 800 grit. The travertine was the sealed using a high grade resin impregnator (gloss finish) and allowed to dry fully before powder polishing to a high gloss mirror finish.

This process could only be carried out over weekend periods and took in excess of 4 months to complete before implementing a stone floor maintenance contract where we attend on a regular basis to maintain the high level of  appearance.

Diamond Grinding and Sealing with a High Resin based Sealant prior to Polishing.