Wood Floor Services

Specialist Wood Floor Services We Can Offer You…

At Beaver Floorcare our family established business has grown over the last 25 years. Our key services we specialise in are restoring, refurbishing and maintaining floors in a diverse range of commercial sectors and premises across the UK. Amongst our variety of services we have to offer, the demand for our wood restoration services is greater than ever, here is an insight into some of the wood restoration services we specialise in and can offer you:










We deliver these services to our portfolio of valued clients within both the commercial and the residential sector across the UK. These range from corporate headquarters, offices, retail, homes, leisure, government, sports stadia, healthcare, airports, education, industrial manufacturing sites and many more. All of which we can provide a free site survey.


Why wood floor restoration is important to us:
Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding
At Beaver Floorcare we use the latest superior extraction machines, this allows our specialists to carry out the works without any airborne dust from the sanding process. Our portable dust extractors remove the fine particles from the floor and sanding machine and holds them within sealed containers. As a result, large floor areas can be sanded with the area remaining clean and safe. With customer care being of great importance to us we are conscious of all of our client’s businesses and homes, many of which may contain electronics such as computers or retail stock. We ensure this remains dust free and to same standard before works are carried out.
Health and wellbeing is also of great importance, not only after but during the sanding process is being carried out. When using the extraction machines it eliminates the dusty environment for our specialists carrying out the work ensuring they are not at risk.
Take a look at this short video of our Floorcare specialists engaging in dust free sanding:



Once the floor is sanded and prepared it is then ready for our clients to select their chosen floor coating. We are then able to apply a range of standard and bespoke finishes should they need this service.

Wood Floor Staining With Coloured Oils
Floor staining can transform a room, with a variety of coloured oils available the options are endless and able to meet almost everyone’s individual personal colour preference.
When staining with oils you have the option of applying as many layers as you would like to meet the desired depth of colour. These are in contrast to alcohol and solvent based stains which colour the wood much faster. When applying your oil for larger areas it is recommend to use a rotary floor machine for efficiency and accuracy.
Not sure on what colour will look best or how to apply? We advise that trialling your chosen floor colour on a sample area first as this will help you visualise what your floor may look like. At Beaver Floorcare we are experienced in providing this professional service over the last 25 years and can provide a free site survey should you need your wood floor staining.
Take a look at this short video, one of our Floorcare specialists engaging in wood floor staining:



Wood Floor Sealing
Once a floor has been sanded it is important that it is sealed to maximise the condition it can remain in for the future. Many of our clients utilise our floor sealing service once they have had their floor sanded, many of which ask for the following sealers and protection for their wooden floors:
• Lacquer
• Hardwax Oil
• Impregnation Oil
• Coloured Impregnation Oils
• Scandinavian Soap


Depending upon whether your floor is exposed to heavy wear will determine if your floor requires one or two component lacquers. It is often advised that areas such as sports floors, public buildings, schools or retail shops use two component lacquers due to the footfall and wear. In terms of safety, an anti-slip finish can be added to reduce slip hazards that may occur.
Alternatively, a hard wax oil can be applied to give your floor a matt, satin or gloss finish. Following this the area can still be coloured to your choice. This is usually a popular choice for our residential clients.
Impregnation oil is a great option if you are looking for a fast turnaround such as an area of the floor that has become damaged. At Beaver Floorcare we would recommend Eukula Colour Impregnation Oils as it allows you to select a particular colour shade. This can be over coated using Eukula lacquers giving it an oil based finish appearance and increasing the wear of a floor.
Scandinavian soap is an effective floor fibre sealer; the Scandinavian soap gives a natural appearance giving the impression that the floor appears bare. This is suitable for both commercial and residential environments however this technique would require more maintenance than the other methods mentioned.
Beaver Floorcare are proud to offer all the following services as well as advice on which sealant will best suit your floor and give you that perfect finish.

Wood Floor Cleaning
When cleaning your wood floor, it is important to identify what type of finish the floor has and which chemical will work most effectively. A wood floor cleaner such as one available within a supermarket could be too aggressive and eliminate the floor finish that has been applied, therefore the user should be careful when considering which chemical to use.

Wood Floor Repairs
Whether it is a single board or major strip replacement within a residential home, we have experience ranging to full commercial floor restoration projects. We will identify which type of wood and match as close as possible. Our reliable connections with local timber merchants we are able to negotiate competitive prices. This will result in your floor looking as good as new and to a professional standard.
Not only do we repair wood floors that need timber replacements but also we can repair areas that may need further wood floor sanding, filling, staining, sealing, lacquering, court sealing or ongoing maintenance as your floor begins to wear. No repair is too much hassle at Beaver Floorcare.

Wood Floor Products & Aftercare Advice
Once your wood floor has been restored it is important to ensure it is maintained with the correct floor aftercare cleaning products. As a company that prides itself on carrying out high quality wood restoration services we are passionate about using high quality floor cleaning chemicals. With our extensive 25 years of experience we are happy to share our knowledge, tips and tricks with clients on how best they can protect and maintain their floor.
We believe in carrying out these works with minimal environmental impact with sustainability coming first. Our floorcare specialists understand the importance of this and believe in a greener, more affordable and sustainable solution to floor replacement. We believe in keeping waste to a minimum whilst standards high.
With being strategically placed just outside of Birmingham we have access to all the major motorway networks, as a result we are fortunate enough to work with many clients not only across the midlands and Warwickshire but across the whole of the United Kingdom making Beaver Floorcare a nationwide brand.