Industrial Units Grind & Epoxy Paint

We were asked by a main general contractor (prime solutions) to grind, prepare and coat two industrial units with Flowcrete Flowcoat SF41. Beaver Floorcare engaged with the site, managing agents as well as the main GC to deliver a first class finish.

The floors were swept thoroughly to remove all loose debris, we then repaired and filled all the cracks which were around 80 linear metres. We cut the floor with metal bond diamonds to remove old existing finishes, this was done with a fully vacuumed system so there was no airborne dust present.  All edgework was incorporated with the main grinding works.

The floors were fully vacuumed to remove any surface dust before we primed them ready for coating with SF41.

Two coats of SF41 was applied consistently by roller in mid grey. The end results were very presentable industrial units ready to be let.