Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Vinyl LVT, Linoleum, Rubbers sheet or tiled floors can visually look stunning and with so many new designs, textures, patterns and flecks the visions can be endless. However, hard floors such as these all require some form of cleaning and maintenance on a periodic basis as they will not hold dust, dirt and grit as long as a carpet will.

The correct methods for cleaning hard floors will involve safely removing the dust and grit using a dust mop before applying any cleaning solution, depending on how dirty the floor is will determine what sort of cleaner is used. An alkaline cleaner or floor maintainer is generally a safe option when used at the correct dilution rates with a rotary floor machine or a flat mopping system. If the floor requires a deep clean it may be necessary to use a stripping agent to restore the original surface appearance, this will require the use of an abrasive pad in conjunction with the stripping agent to remove all the surface dirt and contaminants.Beaver Floorcare not only carry out maintenance cleaning and deep cleans, we also are very experienced in periodic treatments to all hard floors which can be termed as a ‘Strip and Seal’. Dressing a floor with a polish or even a more permanent PU sealant to prevent excess wear will extend the lifecycle of the floor, keeping it protected and looking better for longer.
Too Old & Worn?
We use specialist coloured finishes to any RAL colour and design to refurbish your existing floors and also offer PU sealants for extended wear protection – more informationWe’ll troubleshoot and resolve any potential health and safety flooring problems (slip-resistance testing and treatments where needed), so you can feel confident they present no dangers to staff or visitors.We have been cleaning and maintaining hard floors for many years throughout the UK. The types of installations we work within range from washrooms in office buildings to large industrial units, retail sites, high street, leisure, stadia and many more.

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