ESD Floor Refurbishment

ESD Floor Refurbishing and Restoration

We understand the importance of an ESD floor

It is essential that an ESD floor remains conductive. Dust will settle into the pores of the floor through general wear and tear and therefore making the floor no longer conductive. This can have costly implications for many sites and industries relying on their floors to be conductive. With general cleaning, the dust film can not be removed and with deep aggressive cleaning and strippers, the floor will be destroyed making it non-conductive.

Replacing an ESD floor is costly, with both money and time. Beaver Floorcare are specialists in these types of floors and will use a Dr Schutz ESD PU sealer to renovate, protect and make a floor conductive without replacing your floor. The process will provide a superior ESD floor with minimal disruption and a fraction of the cost.

The floor will be guaranteed and will fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 61340-5-1 norm. We will remove deep scratches, dirt and surface dust. We are also able to re-colour the floor areas or markings using a conductive PU colour sealer. The floor will finally be coated, scratches, dents, no longer and the surface brand new, regaining its shine, it will most importantly be conductive and easily maintained.

Beaver Floorcare will guarantee the ESD properties of the floor are in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1

If you have a standard floor surface that is non-conductive, we can go through a similar process to turn it into a conductive floor that will be guaranteed for 3 years. The cost savings can be substantial over a new installation of a conductive floor system, this applies to vinyl, concrete, terrazzo and many other floor surfaces.

Contact us for an ESD assessment of your floor, how much we can save you on refurbishment and maintenance.

Key ESD Flooring Services

  • Refurbishment of ESD flooring
  • Convert standard floor surface into ESD
  • Minimal disruption on business operation
  • 3 year guarantee on all ESD coatings
  • Colour and design options
  • Testing
  • Supply of correct maintenance products

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