Tiles Slip prevention

Slip Prevention

While you are reading this news item, at least one person has suffered a major injury resulting from a slip or trip, as the HSE reports that every three minutes a major incident occurs in the workplace involving slip and trip incidents.

Every June is designated as National Safety Month by the National Safety Council (US) with Fall Prevention Week highlighting the need to prevent slips, trips and falls through greater awareness of the causes and by creating changes in behaviour. In truth, every week should be considered Slip Trip and Fall Prevention Week.

Slip and trip incidents can occur in the workplace or at leisure, whether shopping or keeping fit at the gym or spa and are costly in a personal sense, with injuries affecting livelihoods, disrupting people’s lives and – for employers or building owners – they can result in expensive litigation, compensation claims and increased insurance premiums.

Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to increase the safety of your floors. Beaver Floorcare’s Slip Check services help you meet your health and safety obligations with a range of advice and solutions:

Pendulum Testing, HSE-approved (BS7976) to measure the slip resistance of wet & dry floors
Reports to provide a due-diligence paper trail
Advice concerning the cleaning specification, to retain slip resistance
Remedial Treatments for all floor types to eliminate slip problems
Periodic re-testing to keep the floor safety consistently high
Anti-slip maintenance, the supply of products for peace of mind.