clean pink office carpets

Clean Carpet All Year Round

Say “NO!” to dirty carpets with a brand new maintenance programme.  Save £’s over replacements……. with Beaver Floorcare’s expertise of over twenty-five years, we can ensure you have clean carpets all year round and they can be enjoyed by all who walk on them. With the ability to recover damage pile from high traffic areas bring a new lease of life to once damaged floor coverings. Beaver Floorcare offers truly custom Maintenance plans for your businesses and needs, meeting the client’s expectations is something we are passionate about have built this company on.

This is what Business in the Community did, they engaged our services due to poor cleaning in the past and sourced our services through the carpet manufacturer – Interface Floor. We provided a test area clean to demonstrate our abilities and results and were soon awarded a quarterly contract to maintain the carpets correctly.

clean pink office carpet