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Village Hall Floor Sanding

June 12th, 2015

Beaver Floorcare were asked to sand, line mark and re-finish the Maple floor within the King George Memorial Hall in Hockley Heath as part of a restoration project.

The floor had been sanded and sealed many years ago however the quality of the workmanship was extremely poor which then required more intensive sanding to remove drum marks.


Our process started using a 36 grit on the belt sanders cutting across the floor on a 15 degree angle to level the floor properly before running up and down the boards with the 36 grit again. This was followed by 60 & 100 grit and the edge work using the edging sanders on 40 & 80 grit. All of the sanding process was carried out using a 3 stage vacuum filtration system which enables us to provide a dust free floor sanding service.


The floor was finished on 120 grit using the Lagler trio machine which provides a beautifully smooth finish. A full vacuum and tac were carried out on the floor to remove any fine particles prior to the application of primer, we applied 1 coat of Eukula Strato Prime 200.

This was followed by 2 coats of 2 component Eukula Strato Perform in a satin finish, this was left for 24 hours before lightly abrading with 150grit to remove any grain raise.

We then line marked the floor with a badminton court using Bona white line marking paint. This was left overnight before applying the final coat of Eukula Perform 2 component lacquer.

The committee are delighted with the results.


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