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Carpet Restoration

Intensive cleaning

Carpet restoration cleaning is an intensive process of dirt extraction whilst restoring the carpet pile to its original state, this can involve the use of various cleaning systems to achieve the desired result. With any carpet restoration clean the removal of dry soilage and dust is the first step towards a successful result, the dust, grit and other dry soilage will typically make up 85% which needs removing before any further cleaning should take place. The use of a suitable pile lifting machine with a good 3 stage vacuum motor is the right type of equipment to carry out this important task, it will need several passes to ensure as much as possible is removed. The amount of dirt that a carpet can hold whilst it still looks good is astonishing, take an average carpet weight of 30oz per square yard, it can hold its own weight in dirt per square yard – that’s 30oz or nearly 2lb in dust and dirt alone. If it is not removed, then water or cleaning fluid is introduced it will turn into a dirty or mud like liquid which spreads throughout the fibres and is more difficult to remove. Carpets will localise dirt where it is walked over and trap it in the traffic lanes, doorways, entrance areas, where hard floors meet carpets and other high footfall areas. These are the areas that will require more intensive cleaning to revive the appearance.

The remaining 15% is oil based or sticky residues from drink and food spillages, these will need extraction systems to remove them. Wet extraction is a good method for deep cleaning if it is carried out correctly with the right machinery by trained operatives, the domestic machines like Bissell, Vax, Rug doctor, that do not have enough suction to vacuum the water from the carpet will create more problems in the long term as they will leave carpets wet with detergent residues still in the fibres. This will lead to rapid re-soiling where sticky detergent residues cling to the dry dirt that is walked over them, it also creates an environment for bacteria and allergens to thrive. The ideal portable machine will have twin 3 stage motors to produce superior extraction when removing diluted chemicals that have been injected into the carpet, this should be repeated where necessary and then fully rinsed and extracted. If the carpet needs further cleaning there are other systems that can be utilised after the wet extraction stage such as encapsulation, low moisture foam and bonnet cleaning, be careful not to use high foam chemicals and try to use crystallising agents or non-detergent based carpet cleaners.

The carpet should have significant signs of improvement at this stage and will benefit greatly from air movers being placed to gently dry the carpets, once this has been in operation for over 1 hour the carpets will be dry enough to carry out a dry extraction clean on the cleaned carpet. Firstly check to see that the spots, stains or marks have been removed with the wet extraction clean, if not carry out correct spot removal techniques, if chewing gum removal if required use the freeze method and gently break from the carpet pile, the using HOST dry extraction or similar dry clean the carpet thoroughly, this will help the carpet fibres in the restoration process. If carpets are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, the appearance and cleanliness of the carpet will be higher for a much longer length of time, install a carpet maintenance programme to ensure you maximize your carpets lifecycle.


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Further to our meeting at our offices, I was extremely impressed with the carpet cleaning your firm carried out to our offices using the “Host Dry” extraction system.
I was also extremely impressed at the professionalism of your staff and the dry extraction system enabled us to utilise our office space soon after works had completed.
I will have no hesitation in recommending your company and this system to my colleagues and building managers.

Steven Haddock

Just a short note to thank you and your staff for the work involved in restoring the appearance of the orange Brintons carpet to the state we expected. All comments we received on the occasion of the visit of H.M.The Queen were extremely complimentary, particularly as regards the cleanliness of the building and the improvement in the orange carpet.
It reflects great credit on your staff for all the hard work and dedication shown in working in extremely difficult circumstances.

Thank you again.

Head of Buildings & Systems

Beaver Floorcare have carried out some extensive flooring repairs (Travertine) on our behalf and is now maintaining those areas on a regular planned regime. Throughout Tom and Beaver have been adaptable and professional. The response to issues has been immediate and robust and has contributed to the exceptional customer relations we currently enjoy.
I would not hesitate to engage Tom and Beaver for flooring repairs and maintenance in the future.

L O’Connell

I would , without hesitation recommend Beaver Floorcare.
We were delighted with the work they undertook – which was to a very high standard and at a very reasonable cost.

D McClean

Just a quick word of praise for the excellent job your operatives did in cleaning the restaurant carpet at the Westbourne Campus. Given that both of the carpets were extremely old, they both came up looking brand new. In addition we received many favourable comments from University guest on how well they looked. Could I ask you to pass on to the two operatives how pleased we were with the work and the standard they achieved.

Head of Building Services

Enclosed is the payment for the floor. It looks absolutely fabulous, we really are very pleased. Please pass on my thanks to your staff they were very professional and very helpful with questions that we had. Thank you again.

Sarah Angus

Thank you for the work carried out, the floor looks wonderful. Could you also thank the gentleman that came to do the work, he was polite and very professional. We would certainly be very happy to recommend you to everyone.

David & Susan Everest

We are delighted with the work carried out by your team, including the quality of the floor refinishing, the care you took when working in our 309 year-old building and your meeting our timetable requirements.

Victor Lobb

Just a line to thank you and all your workforce for what can only be considered a first-class piece of work on the oak block floors you have renovated for me.

D R Bannocks

We are absolutely delighted with the resulting floor – we would not have believed that such a transformation was possible – it is as good as new, if not better! We would also like to thank your two workers who were both tidy and courteous, in addition of course, to doing an excellent job.

C Ixer

I cannot speak highly enough of the work Beaver Floorcare have done for me on my sites, I have used Beaver Floorcare for routine deep cleans on toilets floors, servery floors and carpets and “on” “off” services such as slip-treatments on main entrances to corporate HQ and the results each time have been fantastic.

RWE Npower