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Floor Restoration Specialists

We have been expertly maintaining all floor types for over 25 years. We act as service partners for several floor manufacturers on a regular basis, this is most often as cleaning consultants and contracting services when required. The floor surfaces that we provide aftercare for include, carpet, luxury vinyl tiles, woven vinyl, sheet vinyl, rubber, linoleum, marble, granite and wood.

Our knowledge of protective sealants and wear preventative floor treatments is huge, therefore we can offer multiple maintenance solutions for clients. We offer staged cost alternatives to cater for all budgets. Our hard floor services consist of regular floor cleaning, deep cleaning services as well as polishing and sealing. Our more permanent PU sealants will disguise scratches and protect the floor for many years with a standard 3-year warranty.

Regular and periodic floor maintenance is essential in any commercial environment to maintain the flooring assets. Our floor maintenance frequencies are dependent on the installation, budget and client needs. Regular periodic maintenance is often overlooked however, it is a vitally important aspect to prevent higher costs of refurbishment or premature replacement in the future. Beaver Floorcare believes in offering a cost effective, bespoke service to each client or building that we service.

Expert Floor Renovation

Our expert floor refurbishment services are used by many sectors. Our knowledge in floor refinishing procedures and floor coating systems ensures our services are integrated efficiently into all building types.

Cleaning Specialist - We are considered a specialist cleaning company and a niche provider within our field of floor care and surface protection.

Stone floor restoration - Our teams of stone floor restoration engineers can refurbish and maintain all stone floor types. We operate nationally grinding, polishing and sealing stone floors to a high specification. We offer ongoing aftercare maintenance services to compliment our refurbishment services which can involve polishing and reseal works as required.

Anti-slip floor treatments and slip prevention is a company speciality. We have extensive knowledge of floor coverings which enables us to detect the correct anti slip solutions in providing adequate slip resistance for floor surfaces where people walk on them. We pendulum test floors to exacting standards ensuring the floors that we work on are compliant.

Wood floor sanding is a core area of our business. Our trained wood floor restoration engineers work on all types of wooden floors across the UK delivering high-quality wood floor refurbishments. They have a very keen eye for detail and a passion for delivering high-quality floor sanding. Our maintenance service provides expert top up and applications of further coats of lacquer or oil.

Wood floor fitting - Our experienced teams of fitters will lay parquet, Versailles panels, engineered boards, chevrons and other types of engineered flooring. We will also finish flooring to any colour and specification.

Carpet Cleaning is an integral part of our business.We have many different carpet cleaning systems at our disposal ensuring we always get the best possible results. Our expert knowledge of Dry carpet cleaning is industry renowned.

We have worked on most types of floor installation from high-end residential, multi-outlet retail to very large commercial installations. All receive the same professional treatment from our highly trained staff. If you would like more information on our services or would like a site inspection, please contact us and we'll be happy to help! 

Areas that we service

Beaver Floorcare works throughout the UK on large scale floor projects, floor renovations and multi-site maintenance work, we also work extensively throughout Birmingham, Solihull, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and the surrounding areas.

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Floor Maintenance Professionals

Beaver Floorcare is an expert provider of floor restoration on all flooring types in the UK. Our extensive portfolio of high profile clients is well earned. They consist of flooring manufacturers, architects, specifiers, blue chips, facility managers, public companies and more. The vast knowledge we carry on floor renovation and floor refurbishment enable us to deliver a superior quality service for our customers. Our business model covers commercial floors as well as industrial and high-end residential floor care on a national basis. Our main offices and storage facilities are based just outside Birmingham in easy reach of the motorway network.

Our core services consist of commercial carpet cleaning, wood floor sanding, wood floor fitting, stone floor restoration, concrete polishing, hard floor restoration, anti-slip floor treatments, pendulum testing, ESD floor coatings, epoxy floor painting and other specialist floor coatings. We also provide floor maintenance services as an aftercare solution that is well respected and used time again on multiple floor surfaces by our clients. These consist of marble polishing, stone floor maintenancefloor polishing, strip and seals and other floor maintenance tasks. We are engaged as an integrated supplier and out sourced by many to provide clients with floor restoration and floor maintenance services that work.

Our results are driven and delivered on quality alone.


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text-white title-center match-heightAnti slip flooring & slip prevention is one of our specialities. We are able to determine what works on various floor surfaces to provide a safe surface for people to walk on.

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Maintenance is essential and we can provide this service on all floor surfaces. Floor maintenance can be a yearly one off clean all the way through to a weekly visit dependant on installation and client needs.

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National Supplier

We have worked on most types of floor installation from high-end residential, multi outlet retail to very large commercial installations; all receive the same professional treatment from highly trained staff.

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